Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to all of you that were so sweet to me during my "yucky week" with your kind comments. The hubby is home now, and all is well. Of course, the kids are all practically better now, only trace signs of them ever being sick still remain. And today despite my husband getting a cold, he told me to write down my "list" of what I wanted done before baby comes.... (You mom's know the list, the nesting list, of stuff that just has to be done before baby comes. Crazy stuff like cleaning out all closets, pulling out all couches, computer desks, piano, and cleaning behind everything....list goes on like that for a while). I don't know why I get that urge to make sure everything is spotless before a new baby, but I just do. Probably cause I know I'll be down and out for a couple weeks and want things spotless. Any way, he already helped me today knock out a few of my to-do items. He's the best! I know inside he's thinking, this is crazy, but he doesn't say a word and he helps me move all the heavy stuff so I can clean behind everything!

Here are 2 pics he sent me from his cell phone from training. He got hit in the face with paint balls, not once, but twice. Poor guy looked beat up when get got home with all the bruises all over his body, but I think he secretly likes it! he he he! ;)

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Cara said...

You are so welcome! You are such a sweet girl and you always support me when I am having a hard time! have a better week now that you DH is home!