Friday, February 27, 2009


Well the week is at a close. The hubby will be home tonight or tomorrow morning thankfully. I find myself wondering how it is possible that EVERY SINGLE TIME Darren has left, something happens that tests my strength of being a "single parent" at the time. Last weekend I found myself saying "We have been so lucky that our kids have been so healthy!" We literally have been sick once in almost a year of living here. That's pretty good. And what happens? The next morning Lily wakes up sick. So Darren left Sunday, I had to stay home from church with the sick one and then started the week..... Lily was sick with yucky congestion and coughing for 3 days, next Ashton. He's still in "full sick mode" right now. Non stop coughing and snot pouring. Tons of fun. Yesterday morning Lily was "better" from the cold, but she decided to throw up non stop all over my house most of the day. She is now over that thankfully, and today after nap she woke up with 102 fever! When will this stop? What in the world. I guess I should never be thankful for healthy kids, because someone, somewhere in the universe always hears me and makes sure to put an end to that. Every time Darren has left one of my kids has gotten sick. I kid you not. Every stinking time. Which makes for long nights going solo back and forth from one kids room to the other trying to get them back to sleep, All while being 8 months pregnant mind you. Then Wednesday night, I started having bad contractions all night long. not just the little braxtons either, they were painful and coming every 5 minutes. I was almost at my breaking point, I didn't want Darren to have to leave training just 2 days before it was all over. and this baby needs to cook for at least 3 to 4 more weeks! Any way, after much tears and praying they stopped thankfully, now I have to sit and look at my house that I want to strip down and clean major thoroughly and I can't. I just stare at it. But owell. Any way, that has been our fun week thus far. And as soon as Darren gets home, I'm sure all my children will magically heal and all will be well in wonderland once again!
Here's one quick story of something that happened on one of Darren's deployments in Texas: Mind you, this whole scenario takes place in a matter of 2 minutes:
Okay. Ethan and Ashton are outside playing, I just put Lily in her highchair to feed her (she was probably 8 months old), she is starting to fuss cause she's really hungry. I'm fixing her food and in flies Ethan screaming bloody murder and limping. His big toe is bleeding really bad. I sit him up in the sink, he's screaming so loud, I can't understand a thing he's saying, but I'm rinsing his toe off and it's nasty!!! (come to find out later, he had dropped a cinder block on his foot), As I'm washing his foot, and trying to calm his screams and tell Lily all is okay, in runs Ashton, slips on some water in the front entry way lands on his back smacking his head on the door frame. Now all 3 kids are screaming like they are on deaths door. So now, I must ignore Ethan in the sink, run and pick up Ashton, calm him down, rub his giant goose egg head and sit him on the couch. After about 10 minutes the drama is gone, but you can imagine the wonderful moment that was! That is just one of MANY stories I could share with you, but I won't bore you any more. But I am convinced that mother's are always tried and tested to the core of their ability when they are alone. Could this happen when my husband was home? Heaven's no, that would just be too easy!


The Farrell Family said...

I'm so sorry, If your up at 2:00 am give me a call cause I'll be up too! Petey has bronchiolitis and he's too young for any meds to help so it just has to run its course. Josh is working most of this weekend so I've got it! Early contractions are no fun but remember, the house will always be there...the baby needs to stay put a little longer! Let me know if I can help.

Cassidy said...

Oh man. You poor girl. TAKE IT EASY!!!! I'd have come to the rescue if I were near by. But I'm not. I'm still here in TX. Yep. Still here. Sick kids are the worst. I guess it's good that at least you weren't sick too. PLEASE take it easy. Reading about those contractions scared me!

Kate said...

i am SO sorry! i really wanted to do something for you this week...but with my kids being sick, i didn't want your kids to get sick, and then come to find out they were ALL sick, so i should have done something anyway. i am such a nerd.
anyway, i saw your husband last night at walgreens {i'm sure he told you} and i was so excited for you that he was home, that your long week was over! {he probably thought i was crazy!}
i hope the kids are better.
if you need ANYTHING, let me know!!!

Brewer Bunch said...

Oh, Robin - what a HORRIBLE week!!! I am so sorry that you have been going through all of that trauma! I so wish I could just show up on your doorstep and start cleaning for you!!!
I totally get how all of the major issues happen right when the hubby leaves - why is that??!
I miss you and am praying for you!! I so hope the next 2-3 weeks flies by for you!

Cara said...

I sure appreciate your thoughtful and supportive comments on my blog! Sounds like you have ahd an eventful week,I bet you can't wait until Darren gets home! Keep your chin up you will perservere!