Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

When my kids are dressed and ready for church I can't resist taking pictures of them.
I knew this was the last time they'd be dressed up before Christmas, so I took a few more shots of them!

Here is my cute girl Lily

3 munchkins

Ashton, with his yellow bruise on his right cheek. (he ran into the back of the couch a few days ago.

Ethan, eyes a little puffy. He just fell down the stairs moments earlier!

My favorite little girl

My favorite 3 kids on the planet

Lily crashed on the couch after church

While on the phone with my brother, I kept getting the "feeling" to check on Lily. I didn't listen the first few times, then went to see and she had Darren's tabsco sauce from the fridge and was shaking it all over the kitchen floor. This is only the first half of the floor, imagine this mess doubled. But the floor could always use a good mopping, just not what I wanted to do on Sunday evening! ;)


Stu said...

These are absolutely adorable pictures of the kids! The boys look so handsome in their suits - GQ smiles! And Lily is a little doll. Her dress is beautiful! Merry Christmas all!

P.S. Bella doesn't seem to mind hot sauce :)

Love, Shannon

Kate said...

like i have said before, your children are just priceless. so cute! even if lily stuffs erasers up her nose during sharing time. :)

Our House said...

I had to smile at the bruise and puffy eyes. Isaac always has bruises. If you notice the scars on his face, he's had more than one crash in his short 3 years. Your kids are adorable!!!