Monday, November 17, 2008

Recent Pictures

Posts like this are mainly for family/grandparents, but you can endure all these pics too if you want. I had to first include this one of Ashton. He loves to play his dad's computer, you can see he's wearing the humongous headphones, and holding the joystick preparing for his "flight".

The rest of these were taken yesterday before church. We don't go till 1pm, so we have all kinds of time to waste and they were playing outside, so we grabbed the camera and took some shots before church. Here is handsome Ashton

Cute Lily

Mom and Lily

My favorite picture

Dad and Lily

Oh so cute

3 munchkins


Dad and Ashton

Dad and Ethan

My 3 Handsomes. (if that's a word) ha ha.

Goofy Ethan

Ashton and mom laughing. Not very flattering of mom, but owell! :)


Alan said...

you have such a loving family :)

it's fun to see all of these pictures and realize all the non-photographed moments of love and family fun that go into them.

Shan said...

ADORABLE pictures of the whole family. You are such a loving lovey- dovey family ;) I love it! And have happy kids, too :)

Brewer Bunch said...

So cute!! Loved the pictures. I am jealous that you can be outside in short sleeves :). Thanks for posting those pictures - it's so fun to see the kiddos (and you and Darren also!!)