Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Carnival

This weekend was Ethan's Fall Carnival at school. So instead of normal Saturday chores we spent the most part of the afternoon at his carnival! Here are some pics of that!

Ethan and Ashton

Kids in Moon Bounce Kids on "train" ride

Ashton climbing up

Boys getting ready to slide down. Next picture has quite the story. Lily begged and pleaded to ride this. She LOVES swings but I don't think she knew quite exactly what this was. I asked the "guy" if she was too small, he said no, we'll buckle her in tight, so she insisted her little 2 year old self wanted to ride. So we buckled her in tight and then before the ride started I started to panic just a hair. But hoped for the best. Well next picture down you'll see her reaction during the ride (click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see her face). When she got off she said. "that was fun!" Silly girl

Priceless photo of Lily "that was fun!"

Eating lunch

You got something on your mouth Ethan! :) Lily and dad

Silly boys


Mannclan02 said...

Wow, they sure went all out. As Braeden said when seeing the pictures, "That's AWESOME!" Priceless pics of Lily, for sure!

Brewer Bunch said...

I LOVE her expression - and coupled with "that was fun!" Kids are so fun!! It looks like you have a great weekend!

Ramanda said...

Little McFearless Lily!!! That is hilarious!

I went to Naples ward and got to talk to your mom! She says you guys talk everyday. I wish I had a relationship like that with my mom.
I also got to hear hear bear her sweet testimony. That was a special experience!

Well I hope things are good! Love ya lots girly!!!

Shan said...

Lily's face was so funny -- a cross between "I'm scared to death" and this is awesome!" Great to see ya'll. What a fun day!!

Stu said...

Looks like a blast. It's funny to see your kids in long pants. I don't think they've ever done that before...