Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Since our camera is busted I can't post what would have been some priceless pics. This morning Lily decided to sneak and get into the Desitin. She also decided it would be great for her hair. Have you ever tried to wash Desitin out of a girls hair? It's very difficult and took like 5 times of washing it, and it still looks gross. Any way, that was not the worst of it. She decided to take the tube and get on the top bunk bed which is Ethan's. Needless to say, his sheets, blanket, pillow and stuffed animals are all getting a big bath in the washer today, hopefully they'll be done before he gets home from school. He would not be pleased to know his gorilla had diaper rash cream all over his head.
I also wanted to share the lesson from our family home evening last night. It was a huge success with our boys, and if anyone has boys who like super heros, they'll like this one! It was fun and the boys actually listened and sat still. here's the link Click Here. (sorry for any non-mormon bloggers, just ignore that, or try it too. ) :)
A couple other silly odds and ends I wanted to add:
About a month ago, my brother Stewart called me at about 8:30p.m. I had gone to bed, (any one who has been pregnant knows how freaking tired you always are!!!) Ethan answered the phone and said that I had gone to bed. Stewart said: "Is she okay?" Ethan said: "No, she's pregnant".
I laughed so hard when I heard that. Kids are so honest and he was so matter of fact that I was not okay and he still is convinced that I will not be okay until this baby is born.
And a funny Ashton-ism. Any time you do anything that he does not approve of he will state:
"you're not my best friend any more". He thinks that is just the most devastating thing he can say to us that will just crush us to the core. So one day after he said it, I started to pretend to cry, he was so perplexed that he had made me cry and he came rushing over and said, "it's okay mommy, i was just kidding, you are my best friend." To which I started laughing and said "oh thank you!"
Any way, those are some silly odds and ends.
I'm already soooooo sick of my Halloween background. I don't know if I can make it last till Halloween! I want to change it so badly! :) have a good week all!


Kate said...

okay, you had me laughing since the word "desitin!" how funny! well, if it happened here, it would NOT be funny....but, i can laugh at you, right?

Mannclan02 said...

I think the funniest is Ethans, "No she's pregnant comment." It had THIS girl laughing!

Amy said...

Robin -

This is Derrick Kratt's wife, Amy. I haven't left a comment here before so I thought I would clarify who I am. Anyway, my son Isaac loves to tell people "you're not my best friend anymore" when they don't do what he wants them to. I have never tried the crying approach afterward though. I wonder how he would react. Also, I loved your son Ethan's comment about you being pregnant. I think kids sometimes think of it as a disease or something because mom just isn't the same! We have you in our prayers - that everything goes wonderfully during your pregnancy.

Barnes Family said...

Oh my!! I bet the photo's would have been priceless. I can only begin to imagine how fun washing that out of a little munchkins hair would be. If it were Madi she would be screaming bloody murder the first time I rinsed it.
I love your new back ground! So cute!