Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been all consumed with the hurricane stuff, so I thought I'd do a normal posting of us recently. This week at Ethan's school is spirit week and today was crazy hair day. So we dug out the colored gel and spiked it blue. Thought I'd include a couple of that. Then down below are some cute pics of Lily with Yoda, and "monkey Ashton", Then we have this big spider on our back porch that comes out every night, builds a web and by morning his web is "roughed up" from the kill and he tears down his web, goes somewhere to sleep and does it all over again every night. Today was the exception. He was still out waiting in his web. The moths are now gone cause it's getting very cold at night and I think the poor spider is getting hungry. Any way, here are some shots of it. I hate spiders, but Darren likes him. Boys are so weird.


Mannclan02 said...

Ewwww! That reminds me of our little friend from the back. I LOVE the pictures of Lily with Yoda. Yoda looks all drunk with happiness in her lap. We (I) can't wait until we get a dog. We're thinking maybe around Christmas time, but we'll see?? P.S. Your friend needs to get online and sign up for FEMA, they're paying for people's hotels... let me know if you need more info. Tamara did it last night.

Cara said...

GROSS! DOUBLE GROSS, I would never allow that thing to live by my door, I would have sprayed the H E double hockey sticks out of him... Heis giving me the creeps all the way in Vernal! I did a post with a link to some pics of Hurricane IKE, check it out!

Brewer Bunch said...

Cute kids. Gross spider!!
I love the one with Lily happily cuddling the dog :) (don't get me wrong, it doesn't make me want to reconsider my position on Bailey... but it's cute to see with your little one!).
We sure miss you guys and would love to have you 'swing' on by for a visit!! Take care and have a great day!