Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pics of Ike

I've been frustrated that I still can't find many pics of the west end of Galveston. Has any one seen any air shots of Jamaica beach or the west end? I'm just curious cause that's where I used to live. It's such a bitter sweet feeling to know that we just moved from there 3 months ago, I almost feel guilty that we didn't have to go through that, but I'm still so sad for everyone and very worried for what you all will find when you return. I read that they aren't even opening up the island till Tuesday? Those of you who evacuated, keep us posted as to your return, and take lots of pics. You all are in our prayers.

Satellite view of the monster


Business on fire in Galveston



Local Cemetery in Galveston


Check out that flooding
Robert Shumake. Fellow Galvestonians know him well! ;)
I believe this is the "poop deck" restaurant in Galveston.

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Cara said...

Robin, I have a grandpa who lives in the Woodlands, tx and thankfully he has had just minor damage from IKE. One of his huge pine trees in the front yard has been ripped out but didn't hit the house, and other than that it was all just little stuff and of couse no power! I hope all your friends are safe!