Sunday, September 7, 2008

On your mark, get set, go!

My kids like the "Go-gurt" commercial where the kid eating yogurt looks like he's driving on his behind around the neighborhood. They asked how he did that, so Darren showed them quickly how it was done. Normally something like this would have to take several 100 pictures to make it look more realistic and smooth, but the kids soon learned that it takes LOTS of patience to do something like this and 30 pictures was all they could handle. But still, it's funny! Enjoy the video!



Mannclan02 said...

That is AWESOME! I love it, but how did you get it in a video?? As to your comment before about calling someone about the bus . . . I did, they asked me to wait the first 2 weeks and then try back. I doubt they'll change anything though cause he's the only kid at our stop. We'll see once the neighbors across the street move in. They have a little girl that goes to his school, but I don't know if she rides the bus. I'm going to try, though. Sorry about the long comment that I should have just written an email to, but to end my long story, I'm not done fighting the transportation department!!

Mannclan02 said...

found movie maker, thanks! I'll have to try something like that and I'll post it so you can see. Braeden saw your kids doing it and wanted to try it, too, so we'll see.

Ramanda said...

Sweet!! I wanna know how you did that! Your kiddos are so very aborable!

Kate said...

that is pretty much the coolest video i have ever seen! :) and can i just tell you how cute your boys are! (and lily too!) i love ashton's cute little smile! he seems so shy at church, and i love to get him to grin! it's almost like he blushes!

Dad Howe said...

Our dog does the very same thing, with the scooting across the floor, somehow your kids have not really captured the moment.

Seriously, it is really neat, Ashton seems to be having a ball.

Brewer Bunch said...

Robin -
That is so cute - you are such a fun mom!! I am impressed that your kids lasted those 30 shots!! Fun times!