Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday Lily!
Lily had her 2nd birthday on July 21st.
We can't believe she is already 2!
Here is a shot of her helping me cook dinner.

Here is Lily's Birthday cake! Yummy!

She was soooo excited to FINALLY eat her birthday cake, she had been saying all day "I want my birthday cake!!!"

Daddy is showing her how to blow out her candle.

Awwww, She finally gets to taste her cake! :)
Lily wanting to play in her cake.

Cute Lily with her michevious brothers behind her!

Present time! We kept trying to get the ribbons from her presents to stay in her hair, but they wouldn't stick.

She isn't thrilled to have her head full of ribbon!

Get this off pleeeease!!

Daddy pushing her in the baby stroller she got for her babies

Flying around the corner! Watch out Ethan!

Overall she had a good day on her birthday, however she is still saying "it's my birthday!" On her birthday her brothers were teasing her and I told them to be nice to her because it was her birthday. Well, she heard me say that and now, if anything happens to upset her, she'll say "but it's my birthday!" Oh, they learn quickly!


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Robin, Lily looks so much like you. It was like looking at pics of you when you were little. Wait until that stroller runs you over (if it hasn't already).

Stephanie said...

She looks so grown up! Happy birthday Lily! Oh and I love the blog's look. Cute. You are just too good.

Mannclan02 said...

Uh-oh, if Lily looks like you, Robin, she's in trouble! Just kidding, she'll be beautiful. Let's just hope she doesn't act like you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY! I really can't believe she's 2!

Brooke said...

Yeah! She is so cute and I love the mischievous brothers in the background.

Stu said...

I can't believe how much Lily is looking like you did, Robin, when you were little. She has good brothers to take care of her, and maybe put her upside down in a sleeping bag and bounce her on the trampoline, oh, wait, that wasn't Lily...