Friday, July 4, 2008

To Virginia or Bust!

We said good-bye to Texas on June 17th and started our long journey to Virginia with kids and animals in tow. Darren drove the Corolla (with no A/C) and I drove the van. Since the Corolla didn't have A/C, neither the kids or animals could ride with Dad. I don't know what is worse, driving alone in a very hot car; or, driving in an air conditioned van with a dog, cat, and 3 kids! I'm trying to stay with Darren, feed the kids, give them a drink, change their movie, hand them this book, hand them that toy, take their trash, give them this snack, give them this pillow, give them that blanket, pet the dog, tell the cat to calm down, tell the kids to stop hitting eachother, tell them to take a nap, all while trying not to crash. It's a miracle we made it! :) We were able to stop off at Darren's parents house in Kentucky for a few days. It was a much needed break from the drive. They have a beautiful house and property that the kids loved to play in and on. We then headed on to Virginia, made it here, met the movers and got our house here unpacked and feeling more like home.

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Alan said...

Hey! You guys have a blog!

Glad you made the drive safely and are getting all set up! We miss you down in Texas...