Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School!

Where did the summer go? Holy Moly that went fast! Here we are starting yet another year of school! We had a super fun summer! I enjoyed playing with my kiddos every day! ♥

Ethan my 6th grader!

photo 11

Ashton my 3rd grader!

photo 10

Lily my 1st grader!

photo 14

Jacob my preschooler! (2 days a week!)

photo 13

3 of the 4. Jacob was still sleeping when I took this pic!

photo 12


Sue Howe said...

The children are growing and changing so fast. They are all looking great for the first day of school. It's a bitter sweet time. Glad to have them go back to school to learn and grow from lessons taught, but hard to not have all the fun times together. Nice for mom to have a break from it all too. Nice to be able to have just some quiet time and do NOTHING time alone for mom. Time to not have any expectations for mom. Time to rest and relax.

Kate said...

Holy Moly! It feels like we've been in school forever now!!! FOR-EV-RRR {in my best Sandlot impersonation!}

Your kids are pretty dang cute! Tell them to stop growing up! Especially Ethan! And Ashton. And Lily. And Jakey!!