Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Summer Moments

One of my kids favorite parks. They call it “duck park”! We frequently come here when we have “old” bread that needs to be properly disposed of by feeding the ducks.

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Ashton is SOAKED! Why? Because Jacob pushed him in the lake! Lovely

photo 17

No summer is complete without visiting Rita’s at least once! They have yummy yummy shaved ice and custard!

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One of Lily’s favorite things to do with her mom is color!


Ethan is hitting the big “Middle School” this year. And that means his booster Tetanus shot! We thought he was in the “clear” because of this incident last year, but nope! He had to get the full TDAP shot! I had to take a picture!

photo 31photo 30photo 33


photo 34

Now he’s OFFICIAL! He can now go to Middle School!

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Jacob loves water. This is where he can be found most days!

photo 12photo 13

And Lily LOVES this cat! And I mean LOVES! She carries her EVERYWHERE! And Truffle is too old to care! She actually will wrap her paws around Lily and hold on! (for dear life!) ha ha!

photo 39


Kate said...

Cute! Hilarious about Jakey pushing Aston in the water at the Duck Park! DISGUSTING!!! We have YET to go to Rita's! Maybe I need to take a trip there this week...hint hint!

Sue Howe said...

Love it :) All the cute pictures. You have had a great summer. I remember you and Darren feeding the ducks in Provo where you lived by the train tracks and worked at DelSole and the Golf Course. My that was a long time ago. Love you all so much. Even the picture of Ethan getting his shot. Take care. Love Grammy

Alan said...

Such a pretty park/pond. They have a Rita's on the Seawall and 61st now. And that is one patient cat! Love the pictures.