Monday, August 20, 2012

Children’s Museum

We chose to visit the children’s museum one last time before our memberships expired. This was a fun way to beat the heat!


Bubble machine! And Ethan the “cop”

DSC_3586     DSC_3597

Animal Vet’s Parleigh and Lily

DSC_3591     DSC_3593DSC_3599 DSC_3610

Curious George exhibit! Super cute!

DSC_3603DSC_3608DSC_3605DSC_3626DSC_3627DSC_3632DSC_3634 DSC_3635

All the kiddos!




DSC_3654DSC_3657  DSC_3658  DSC_3659  DSC_3660DSC_3661 DSC_3663DSC_3666 DSC_3667DSC_3673 DSC_3674 DSC_3677DSC_3672 DSC_3681 DSC_3683DSC_3684 DSC_3696 DSC_3698DSC_3700


Kate said...

What a fun trip! Let's do it again!!! Tomorrow! LOL!

Sue Howe said...

Such fun pictures. Such good memories for the children to have when they start school and another style of entertainment (is school entertainment?). Love all the fun in the sun water fun. I especially likes Ethan on the big bike and the picture where is looks like he is being dragged behind. So cute. Loved it all. Love you all. :)