Friday, May 11, 2012

tHe reAdinG bUs!

Tuesday I was able to take Jacob on the “Reading Bus” with Kate and her kids! It’s such a cute thing to do with the kiddos! And…. We were the only two mom’s with kids there! Sweet!

They let them play with toys, they tell them stories, sing songs, and do a craft! The kids had fun!


The bus looks like a kindergarten classroom inside!

photo 6 photo 7photo 1 IMG_6064 (2)_thumb

The craft Jacob help make me! :)

photo 2 photo 11

Cute Parleigh and Kate with the kids by the bus!

photo 8 photo 4

1 comment:

Kate said...

Sorry I never sent you the pictures via e-mail. I knew you'd steal them regardless! :)
Maybe next time I'll leave Parleigh home! LOL!
We're cool, that's why we got the bus to ourselves!