Saturday, April 14, 2012


My sweet Lily is very very very TENDER headed! It takes lots of patience and tender loving care to comb my daughters hair. However she has LOVED her long hair forever! As have I! I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing hair! And I love having a daughter that lets me play with her hair!

Lily has been “toying” with the notion of cutting her hair for the upcoming summer. She hates combing her hair. And I told her since we live in the swimming pool during summer it will only make her hair more tangled and hard to comb. Well today after her bath she said “chop it off!” So I grabbed the scissors and chopped it off!

I’ll take her soon to have it “fixed” but it’s cute and I know it will grow like a weed and be long again before we know it! :) She loves it and that’s all that matters!

After I cut it she said: “Look mom! I look like a cute little girl!” And that’s exactly what she is! A cute little girl! ♥

8 Inches! Crazy huh?                                           All that hair!

photo 17 photo 18

♥ After her hair cut! ♥

photo 19


Kate said...

That is a LOT of hair! I was just thinking of how you get to "curl" her hair! Now, she's going to wake up with bedhead every morning! But, at least it won't be tangled.

It is REALLY cute! Like, really really cute! I can't wait to see her with a stacked bob. Maybe it will help her not be so shy! :)

Love her!

Sue Howe said...

Oh it's darling. She will have plenty of time to grow it out or get it cut. I like it. She is such a doll. Easier to take care of and not in her eyes.