Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Bowl

I almost forgot to post this!!! The Turkey Bowl! I think it’s tradition that men have to either watch, play, or do both when it comes to football and Thanksgiving!


Sherrie and I doing what we always do! Take pictures!

DSC_3940  DSC_9408_3639_edited-1

The kids had fun playing on their bikes, scooters, and hanging out on the bleachers! The moms walked the track, talked, tended to babies. Ya know…. The normal mom stuff!

DSC_9436  DSC_3952

DSC_9525_3753_edited-1 DSC_9370_3612_edited-1 DSC_9342_3587_edited-1


  Emma                 Andrew            Scott

DSC_9348_3591  DSC_4013 DSC_3997

Loni              Easton            MacKay

DSC_9345_3690 DSC_9443  DSC_9442_3665

Let the playing begin!!!


 DSC_3953DSC_3955DSC_3961DSC_3968DSC_3973DSC_3981DSC_3983DSC_3994DSC_3964   DSC_4027DSC_4017 DSC_4028DSC_9360_3602_edited-1 DSC_9361_3603_edited-1DSC_9432_3659_edited-1 DSC_9433_3658_edited-1DSC_9465_3714_edited-1DSC_9495DSC_9489

Good Times!



Kate said...

how come you didn't play?

Taylor said...

We do fun thing!

This is Sherrie...not Taylor. It would be creepy if Taylor did say that :)