Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Darren turned 33! Wow he’s getting old! Good thing I have stayed the same age since we got married! ;) Poor Darren having a birthday 5 days away from Christmas….. It’s always been a challenge. But we always try to make him feel a little special!

He wanted a German Chocolate Cake. Always in my mind it comes out beautiful. Well… When you see the cake, don’t laugh too hard. But it did taste good! That’s what counts right?

One sad looking cake, but oh so tasty! ;)


Homemade hamburgers and oven wedges!



Dig in! Ethan is clearly STUFFED from eating cake FIRST! ;)


Darren and I attempted to make divinity this year and it WORKED! Super yummy! Darren loves this candy. It reminds him of his father. :)

♥Happy Birthday Darren! ♥



Sue Howe said...

Wow! I loved the Birthday pictures. Birthday Boy! Birthday Cake! and all the other pictures, especially seeing the children and all of you. Oh, the picture of you two with the Birthday Hat between you is great. And, the Birthday meal, homemade hamburgers and oven fries, AWWWW, made my mouth drule! Love you all. Have a Great Christmas now just a couple of days away. Love you Granny Sue

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Darren! LOVE the hat.

Kathy said...

I always say that no one has a "planned baby" close to Christmas more than once..... and I should know. It's not real fun having a b-day close to Christmas but it looks like you did your best to make the day a good one for Darren.