Friday, August 19, 2011

"National Night Out"

Once year military housing hosts a "National Night Out". Several military branches will set up booths, other vendors as well. Music, food, entertainment, etc...... Darren was at the "camo-face painting booth". He invited us to come and hang out while he did that. So the kids and I drove to Chesapeake and hung out with him for the evening. They had fun!
This is where Darren was, and stayed the WHOLE time. Poor guy! But all the kids loved their camo face-paint
Mmmmm Cotton Candy! Yummo!
Love this guy!
This ride was funny! The kids had fun! They had to beg and plead with Ashton to get on with Lily. Ashton HATES to get his feet off the ground at all ever!!! But he did and had fun! Thank you Ashton!
His face says it all here! He's wishing he hadn't! :)
Jake hanging on for dear life. Still not sure whether to laugh or cry!
He decided to cry..... :(
Balloon Animals
Bunny? I think
Dunk Tank
I had to add a little paint to Darren's face. He looked much more professional! ;)


Kate said...

i don't blame ashton. I FEEL THE SAME WAY!
how fun, though! i wish we had a state fair here. {which, i'm sure there is one somewhere.} uuummmmm cotton candy. MY FAVORITE! :)

Sue Howe said...

so cute! i'm glad you got the face painting. i loved darren's face too. you did a good job. ashton is like grammy. i have a hard time getting my feet off the floor. but i do remember riding the tiltawhirl with you. i remember that you were a little afraid at first and then you loved it.