Friday, August 19, 2011

Children's Museum

This week's playgroup was at the Children's Museum in Portsmouth. The kids really had a great time!
Lily and Parker
Human Bubble. (Never actually got a picture of them in a bubble, but it still was cool)
Bubbles! Jake loves bubbles!
Debi behind the bubble wall! ;)
Debi, Ada, and Tyce
Cute Kate playing in the bubbles! (Poor thing is getting over strep throat, and had a migraine at that moment, but still came with her kids!)
Ethan is AWESOME! He takes Jake everywhere! I don't even ask him to! He just does it! Thank you!!!
Brusha brusha
Steel drums. Jacob did pretty good too!
Cute Ashton
Ashton and Lily
Now this is a HUGE chair!
Train Room. Really cool! Ashton loved it the most!

Ethan with Jake in the train model
Debi taking a break in the stroller! She is so funny!
Use your muscles!
This was cool
Can you see the tornado?
These chickens were laying eggs! ha ha
This cow really 'moo-ed' when you "milked" it! ha ha
Jake wouldn't touch the cow!
This was Lily's favorite part. She got her apron on and began to work! She loaded up her cart and went and checked her self out at the register! She really had a blast here!
My 4 kiddo's


Debi said...

I never could get Ada in the big chair. I love those pics. You took a ton of photos. I will have to take more when I go back. I love how Lily is resting her head on Ashton in the last photo.

Sue Howe said...

You all look like you're having such fun. Loved Lily in her apron. She is already practicing to be a good mom. Wow, that chair looked mammoth!