Friday, July 15, 2011


Darren brought this big boy home from work the other day. One of his 'co-workers' gave it to him along with some yellow squash (which didn't make it to the camera. Darren quickly requested fried yellow squash. Him and the kids devoured it!).
This picture does not show you how huge this guy is! I didn't know what in the world to do with all of it. So I started to make zucchini bread. I kept making it and making it, and when all is said and done, this guy spit out 10 loaves! I put on facebook that he made 7 loaves, but nope, 3 more! Yum! And some lucky friends have been the recipients of this!
For the life of me, I couldn't get this picture to turn around. So here ya go. Crooked zucchini bread! ha ha! ;) Love summer! We can't wait till our small garden starts to produce!

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Debi said...

Over half of mine is gone! Yes I am the only one eating it too! Yummy. Thanks.