Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ode to my Tennies!

Never thought I'd be sentimental about a silly pair of sneakers. These "old girls" carried me through my weight loss journey. I wore them at 323 pounds all the way to 153 pounds. I love them so much, but they are so old and worn. The insides are worn out and are now giving me blisters when I run. I kept putting off getting new shoes cause I've kind-of become attached to these warriors. I love you shoes! You carried me through. But it is time to move on..... I'll never forget the journey you took with me!

Here are my new girls. I LOVE them. I almost feel like I'm "cheating" when wearing them, but they feel sooo good! I don't know if it's just mental, but I was never able to run more than a 1 1/2 miles without taking a breather. The first day I wore the new ones running, I went more than 3 miles without stopping! Cheers to new shoes! ;)


Nevada Walker said...

You are such an inspiration!Amazing! Your results show true inner strength. I am seriously so happy for you. I love what you wrote about your husband. I love your shoes. Favorite blog post I have EVER seen...hands down.

Nevada Walker said...

Ooops Sorry this is Whitney W. ;)

Kate said...

oooooo! i LOVE your new shoes! I know you had a huge attachment to your old ones....but...you're new ones are smokin hot! {can shoes really be smokin hot? if so, these sure are!}
I can't wait to go running with you!