Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashton!

Ashton turned 7 on Saturday! Where has time gone? Seriously! I love this boy so very much! After having a rather "high-maintenance, needy, screaming, crazy first born child" Ashton was a breath of fresh air. I remember after bringing him home from the hospital, I would stand over the crib watching him sleep and just be amazed that he slept so good and hardly fussed, if ever. I kept waiting for this baby to cry and become "hard" like the first one. I was in AWWWW of this baby. This child has never stopped smiling since he learned how. He loves to have fun, and go with the flow. He never demands attention. In fact I have to remind myself to take time out to talk with him and spend time with him. He still loves to cuddle. He loves and adores his brothers and sister Lily. He is so smart it scares me and I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing our family with this wonderful kid! Happy Birthday Ashton! We love you so much!

Ashton wanted to have his party at Kangaroo Jac's. It's a fun inflatable bouncing building full of all the bounce houses you could imagine. It's a good thing I have 4 kids to add to his party because out of the 10 kids invited, only 3 showed. Granted it was a Saturday and with soccer and baseball in full swing, most of the kids that were invited had games that day. Ethan actually missed his game to attend the party. But, Ashton still had a great time. So that is all that matters. As long as I saw that he was happy, I was happy. And his favorite friend Matthew showed up and that made his day!
Here are pics from his party!

Silly Daddy! We were so thankful he was able to sneak home for the party! It made our day!


Jacob. He LOVED it here. He ran and bounced non-stop!

Lily. She had a blast, but poor girl came home with a 104 fever!

So fun!

Lily taking Jake down the big slide!

Matthew and Ashton

Jacob chilling for a second

You can see how much this boy sweats!! He was soaked with sweat! Yummy! ;)


Mom and Lily playing air-hockey

Ashton playing air-hockey

Going for a ride!

Time for pizza!

Love this picture of my boy!

Singing Happy Birthday to him!

Make a wish!


This picture made me laugh out loud! The kids were hot, tired, and sweaty from jumping for almost 2 hours. Then they come in, eat pizza and drink juice and then stuff cupcakes down their throats. Matthews facial expression says it all! Hilarious!

I'm sick!


Ashton's new bike!

I totally forgot to bring the "birthday hat" to his party! So I couldn't let him go to bed without a picture in the hat!

Happy Birthday Ashton! We love you so much!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Ashton! I still remember the first time he was in my class in sunbeams. He was such a cute little boy--and I loved his smile! Who would have thought I would become such good friends with his mom---I hadn't met you at that point!! :)

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!! LOVE the hat.

Sue Howe said...

Such fun! Happy Birthday Ashton! With the comments given about having a high maintenance first child and then a sleep through it all child was exactly what I experienced too with Ashton's uncles. He reminds me of his uncle Jerry. And they have birthday's 5 days apart. Jerry's April 25th and Ashton's April 30th. I loved all the pictures. Love this great family. Love you so much, grammy