Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Kids Cove

Kids Cove is always a favorite park to play at when visiting Mount Trashmore. This winter they tore down the old one and built a new one! And the kids love it! Darren had been gone the week before for work and got this day off, so we went to the park. Shhhh, don't tell the older 2 we went while they were at school! :)
(They'll get plenty of play time during spring break. I'll make sure of it!) I'm so far behind on posts. They will come slowly but surely!

Love this girl!

Did I mention I love this girl?

Sweet Jacob. Love this boy!

Chasing a leaf blowing in the wind. Did I mention I love this boy? :)

Mom with her favorite daughter!

We ran into Sarah at the park.

Lily and Jacob chasing a bird

This was so fun! I wanted to do it over and over again with Lily. She said, "Mom, can I go play on something else now? I'm sick of this!" ha ha! So I played on it alone!

Darren going down the slide with the kiddos

Love this kid! I think I may have said that though! ;)

Jake and Dad mountain climbing!

Lily sets out on her expedition!

Almost to the top!

She made it!

Um, don't ask. Lily begged me to climb on this, so I finally did and then she decided it wasn't as cool as she thought it would be.

We are enjoying the warmer weather! Bring on the HEAT!!! I'm in nirvana right now not shivering all the time!

Lost more posts to come! Eventually.........


shay and nick* said...

you look fabulous!

Laura said...

That looks like so much fun! This is where that wood park was right? The one we continually lost our kids in? And Shay's right, you look fantastic!

Kate said...

hot mama! love shorts!
it IS a fun park--i'm sure even more fun when it's warm!

Cassidy said...

I love that you had more fun on the toys than Lilly.
Super cute kids!

Cassidy said...

ps, you look amazing girl. Super hot.