Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dyeing eggs is ALWAYS an adventure. I always have to put my O.C.D in check and just let it be. I think next year, we will actually have a successful egg dyeing session without the youngest throwing, crushing and dunking all the eggs in one cup. Every year, we've had a "small" child who is a little rough. And now we're getting to the point where the youngest child may actually be mature enough for this to go without a hitch. We'll see!

Jacob not only dyeing eggs, but his hands as well!

Ethan staying far away from the action. He got his cup and went and sat down far away from Jacob! ha ha! Can't blame him!

Jacob doing what he does best.....Making messes and spilling full cups of liquid. I think when Jacob sees a cup full of liquid he thinks it's screaming at him to dump it!

Admiring the eggs

Drop, smack, crush, oops! Jacob realizing what being too rough with eggs will do!

Ethan started eating all the crushed eggs! ha ha!

Dad steps in, to relieve mother of the stressful/I mean pleasurable experience!

Ashton focusing hard on his creation

Love that boy!

Yum Yum!

Easter Morning! The Easter bunny brought, bubbles, chalk, one toy for each child, and some candy. Yup, that's it! We focused more on the Savior and his death and resurrection this year! The kids still enjoyed their Easter very much!

Before church. And the boys were in the sarcastic mood, so these are the most decent pics we got of them! Seriously, all the rest were a joke! But still funny!


Ready for nap before we even leave to church!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Sue Howe said...

So cute. A good idea going outside. It's a blast to be a parent going through all these stages of children growing up and then to be away from all the fun makes gramma's reflect back on those times with their kid's. I loved it. Lots of love from gramma to Ethan, Ashton, Lily and Jacob. Love you Robin and Darren. Thanks for the pics. You showed me you had a great time.

Kathy said...

What cute pics. So, Isaac is 5 and spilled most of the dye and Ann had to run to the store for more. She said it was stressful but they still had a good time.