Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread house

Lily made a gingerbread house at her friend Parker's this year, and the boys really wanted to make one at home, so I took the easy way out and bought a kit and off we went to make it. I've vowed to never get o.c.d. anymore when it comes to these tasks. It was quite a funny event. The icing was too runny, and didn't set up fast enough. So the house started to slip and slide! The final product is great!

There it went! But did that stop us???? Nope!

Back up and running. Ethan less than thrilled at my "mig-shift design".

Boys starting to see the fun, even if the house is a mess!
Darren getting in on the fun

Doesn't that house look awesome? I think it's my favorite one so far! ;)


Kate said...

i like your house! very cute! you guys should just eat it! :)
had to laugh at darren's tongue {when he's eating the frosting} looks like he had his fair share of blue candy! ha!

Cassidy said...

Now that las picture of your house should be the picture on your christmas card!! LOVE IT!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Sue Howe said...

That's the cutest Sugar Plum House ever! So good to just let things happen. Less stressssss for everyone.