Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ethan's Choir Performances

Ethan joined the 4th grade choir this year. That makes his mother happy! ;) I love boys that can sing! Any who, here are some pics of them.
The first performance was "lights at the beach" on the boardwalk and it was COLD!!! The pictures did not come out well, since we were far away, I had to zoom in, hold Jacob, and try and hold still as best as possible to get a good shot. Hence, all the pics are blurry. Owell!
He's in the middle.

The kids enjoyed playing with the lights and decorations. I was too cold to care.

2nd performance was at school, in a warm room! :)

Playing the trumpet

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Sue Howe said...

Oh, so good. All the children getting involved with the lights and Ethan looks so sweet. He's growing up a little bit each time I see him! Ethan Quite Growing Up!