Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tid Bits

Here are a few little bits of recent happenings.

Boys first day of school. Ethan is now in the 4th grade and Ashton is in 1st. They are both enjoying school and doing really well!

Getting on the bus.

Little Jacob

I was cooking dinner and heard Lily and Darren talking, I was curious and snuck around the corner and found them playing dolls. That was way too cute for me not to take a picture! What a good Daddy to play barbies with his daughter! ♥

This is what I have to clean up EVERY SINGLE day!!! Jacob is the messiest eater known to man! But I sure love that boy!

Crazy hair day at school. I was excited when the neighbor girl let me do her hair. There isn't much I can do with my boys short hair! I thought I did pretty good! ;)

We have a new resident to our backyard. This frog always returns to the same place everyday, and Ethan plays with him every day. I think they've bonded! ;) Yuck!

That's all for now!


Rick, Debi, Loni, and Ada said...

You did great with the neighbor girls hair. Love the frog. Loni will want to come over and play with it. Great pics Robin, now where are you?

Sherrie said...

I am sending Mack over when it's crazy hair day for him!

Briana said...

I love the crazy hair day! I remember when my mom did my hair like that for Halloween one time! We miss the frogs that used to hide in our broken meter box. Once they fixed it, there wasn't a way for them to get in and we haven't seen them since. The kiddos are getting so big! It's not possible that Ethan is in 4th grade, that's insane!

Cassidy said...

How fun, all of it. Way to go on doing the kids hair. Awesome.
Thanks for all your comments, and yes, I do need to change my family picture. Bo and I were laughing at it the other day. haha

Shan said...

Wow! Check out that hair! That is so creative! And that is something else that the frog stays around...