Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach & Zoo

The weather has been GREAT! So we've been venturing out more! Here are some shots of the kids and I at the zoo and beach! Enjoy.

Friendly Peacock!?

Ashton and Jacob

*The BEACH!*

Jakey loved playing at the beach. He loved the feel of the sand on his toes!

Ashton and Lily

Ethan doing what he loves doing....digging huge holes at the beach.

My cute daughter Lily!

Jacob and Paisley

We went to the beach with our friends Ben, Kate and their kids. Ethan and Ben found a few oysters and they brought them back and ate them!
Here is a video of Ethan eating the raw oyster! Silly kid!

Ben picking up Kate to dunk her in VERY VERY cold water! Poor Kate! These were great pics, I had to share!

Poor Kate!


Chelsea Cisneros said...

haha! oh poor kate! ben, you are in big trouble!

i love the pics you got of the kids they are priceless!!!

Kate said...

you like the picture where it looks like i'm going to rip ben's head off?

i still gag when i see ethan eat the oyster. discusting!

it was so much fun. can't wait to go again.

Briana said...

WOW, brave Ethan! My dad used to always buy smoked oysters and I LOVED them with him. I can't say that I could slurp down a raw one, though!