Friday, January 22, 2010

Darren's Birthday

Darren turned 31 on December 20th. This year he got some new church clothes, and inversion table for his back, and a new cell phone. He's had the same cell phone for over 4 years and it was on it's last leg. So Ethan and I secretly bought him a new phone. It was torture for Ethan to keep it a secret, but he made it!

Looke at Ethan's face as Darren is opening up the phone. It's all he can do, not to yell "It's a new phone Dad!"

Ice Cream Cake. I slacked and didn't make him one.


Daddy's box is so fun to play in!

It makes his back feel so much better! :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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Briana said...

I'm beginning the LONG process of catching up on YOUR blog now, but just had to say that last picture of Darren and Lily... CUTEST PICTURE EVER!