Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kindergarten songs and Panda Bears

Ashton had his Kindergarten Christmas performance on Tuesday night. Here are some pics from that.

Waiting for it to start. Ethan being silly.

Daddy playing with Jacob

Mom and Jacob

Ashton waiting to perform

Cutie pie!
Here is a video of them singing Jingle Bells. (if you watch it, turn off my music that is playing before you push play)


Ethan had ANOTHER project due in school. He had to do a model of an animal and their habitat. He chose to do his report on the Panda Bear. Here is the model him and Darren made. They worked hard on it. He did a great job.

The finished project

Proud of his work

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Briana said...

Ashton looks adorable, and he seems so grown-up! Ethan's project looks great... I'm not looking forward to the days when those start. :-)