Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ashton lost his first tooth

Ashton lost his first tooth Tuesday night! He asked us to pull it. And he wanted string tied to it, if you can imagine! He didn't cry or anything. He was so excited to lose a tooth. After he lost it he said, "Now am I a big kid?" He's so funny. The tooth next to it will probably come out in another day or so. The next morning, he came down stairs and Ethan said "Did you check the tooth box? Did the tooth fairy come?" Ashton said, "No, the window is still closed, she couldn't get in." So Ethan runs up and grabs the box, and brings it down. He hands it to Ashton, and he opens it and was so shocked that she had come! I guess he thought that the window would be open if she came.

This is him straining to show us his bottom teeth. We kept telling him to open his mouth really big so we could see it! Funny shot.
Daddy and Jacob

Last night we had a hanus thunder storm. The kids could not go to sleep. Finally Darren and I let them come down to the couch bed and wait the storm out. They finally fell asleep around 11pm. We carried them to bed and then around 12:30, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 3 huge crashes of thunder, and guess what? Kids are up again!.... Oh what a night. But Jacob slept through the whole thing. Good little boy! ;)


Shan said...

Oh, the kids are so cute sleeping together on the couch. And love it how Ashton is such a big boy now. Love those toothless grins! Ah, he'll be all ready for KG soon!

Shan said...

And I have loved seeing all of your summer pictures - the ones at the beach with the sand art (so creative) and the sponge snake (funny!). I loved seeing Darren hugging the kids after deployment - such great emotion and love captured in photos. These were some of my favorites. Oh, and the one Lily took of you and Darren together was so good! Wow! Thanks for posting all of these great blogs! Love it!

Amber Meager said...

your little girl sucking her thumb is so freaking cute!