Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you all had a great day with your family and friends. We had a good day together. We painted faces, put blue gel in the boys hair, took lots of pics, ate lots of good food (which I'll have to burn off later!) :) We grilled kabobs on the grill that were so yummy! Had pasta salad, baked beans, yummy watermelon and homemade ice cream! Then we went to see the fireworks. The kids had so much fun! They got to sit on top of the van to watch. All of them were asleep in the car when we got home, but it was worth it. Since I've had face book, I feel like I'm repeating myself with my posts, since I put pics on both places, but I do it for the friends I have on only one place or the other.
I first had to post a pic of the pretty flowers my mom and dad sent me for my birthday. They are so pretty! With my favorite flower the Lily! So pretty thank you!
Dad and Lily
Jacob on Yoda
Ethan teaching Jacob how to play with action figures

Ethan said I never hold him any more, so there ya go!
My great artistic ability in painting a flag on the kids faces.
Kind of corny, but cute

Getting ready to see the fireworks!
Mom and Jacob

She was so excited!!!


Briana said...

GREAT pictures! We were quite lame this year... I still remember the 4th down on the beach when I was preggo with Carsen. I also love seeing the picture of you giving Jacob a bottle in the back of the van. I always remembered that you have a certain way of holding your baby's bottles (with the rest of your fingers on their cheek) and I love it, but makes me miss you more! :-)

Cara said...

Well your holiday seemed to be fun! How did Jacob do with the loud fireworks? Glad you had a wonderful time, your flags on their faces was very cute!