Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My "Chitlins"

A few shots of just random nothing-ness.

This is where I found Lily, right before dinner I might add. She was eating hershey's syrup straight.

Sweet Picture

Hanging out in the swing

What's so funny?


I love this boy! I am amazed at the capacity of love we're given from God to love each of these special kids. They are all such true gifts from God that I'm so thankful for! There is nothing on this earth that I could say for a surety that I'd die for, except my children.


Briana said...

So well said... and I think only a mother could relate. I miss your sweet voice... I'll call ya soon, I'm not waiting for YOU anymore. I know, you probably forgot, I'm just giving you a hard time. Love ya!

Cassidy said...

I needed this!

Kate said...

that lily! what a nut! :)
jacob is getting so big....he is so cute. ( i know i already told you on facebook...but i can't tell you enough!)

The Farrell Family said...

How silly is lily!

Alan said...

Re: Chocolate syrup, at least she put it in a cup first!

We came home from Church one week to find my 3-4 yr old little sister (who'd arrive home earlier) sitting on the counter with an open tub of margarine, dipping her hand in and licking it off. No glass, no bowl, no spoon.

Anonymous said...

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