Sunday, February 15, 2009


As you know the hubby has been on nights for the past couple weeks. He got home Saturday around 3 or 4 am and crawled into bed. I got up as usual and started fixing the kids breakfast. I noticed leaves in the sink and a couple on the floor. I thought that is odd, where did leaves come from, then I go into the dining room to set the table and my hubby had gotten me flowers, despite getting off work in the middle of the night. He is so sweet. I'm not a huge flowers girl and not really huge on Valentines. I think you should be loving and thoughtful all year, and not need a day to be reminded to do so, but despite that, I still get flowers from my hubby, (he's a die hard old fashioned romantic). He had flowers, a card and some chocolate! He is so sweet. I made the kids their favorite "oven pancakes", and we watched movies and chilled while we waited for dad to wake up. Then we just had a low key quiet day all together. We went to the park. Ethan is "training" for the mile run race at his school in March, he really wants to win, so Darren is running with him when he gets a chance to help him get faster. We did that, grabbed pizza for dinner, and made red velvet cupcakes for valentines dessert. (which by the way will freak your kids out when it comes out the "exit door" because it's bright red!) ha ha ha ha! Any way, hope everyone had an enjoyable "love fest day" with their loved ones! Now I have to gear up for another week with the hubby working nights, and then the week after that him leaving entirely for the whole week to finish off the training, but then it will be done and we'll just be awaiting the arrival of our number 4!
Chowing down.....
This is a bite of a champion cup cake eater!
Oven Pancake. Fun to make!


Ramanda said...

Appreciate that romantic hubby of your cause some of us have husbands that do not even have a clue!

What a fun valentine's day!

Shan said...

That was really sweet of Darren and fun that you made those Valentine treats. Sounds like a really nice day. I laughed about how surprised the kids got with the red...!