Monday, February 23, 2009

One week left

Since we haven't seen Darren that much with him working nights, he would always write us a letter on the board for us to read the next day. I thought this note was funny. Not what Darren wrote, but what Ethan wrote in response. I'll translate, since his spelling still isn't perfect. Ethan's writing is in Red and Green: "I love you too Dad, but mom is kind of being mean. But I have no homework!" I had to laugh when I read that, because I actually felt like I was being extra patient and kind that day, but I guess kids see differently! ;)

Here are the shots I hate taking, but I always do. I always take pics of when Darren has to leave on a deployment. Don't ask, I just do. He's only gone for a week of training this time. I can tell we have been a little too used to him being home, since he hasn't been deployed since we lived in Texas. We were all crying over him being gone just a week!
Here's Ashton playing on his "pile" of stuff to take.

Cute shot of daddy with the kiddo's

Silly shot

Sad Ethan! No fun

The kids hate it when he has to leave. And believe it or not, Darren cried this time. He NEVER cries when he leaves. I think he tries to be strong for us, but this time he cried. It shocked me! He said, he thinks he's just stressed because he hasn't seen us for practically a month anyway with the last schedule, and he's stressed because he knows I'm due to have a baby in a month and he was just feeling the emotions stronger than usual. It choked me up to see him cry. Especially when you're used to them being the "strong ones".

It started raining the second we had to go outside and say bye.

Hugs goodbye.

Almost 5 minutes after Darren left it started snowing, really hard and fast! And it only snowed for like 5 minutes. Honestly, if I hadn't been walking by a window we would have missed it. S0 Ethan flew outside as fast as he could to enjoy his 5 minutes of snow fun. The other 2 kids watched from inside, they weren't as excited to freeze outside as Ethan was.

Snow on Yoda

Snow on hair!
Any way, all is good, We'll be excited when Darren can come back at the end of the week. That will mean this crazy training is over and his schedule should be getting back to normal, and we can count down till baby number 4! Hope you all have a good week!


Brewer Bunch said...

Oh Robin - I feel so sad for you! It is so hard to man everything on the homefront for such long amounts of time... not to mention missing your hubby so much!! I so hope this week goes by extra fast! We love you and miss you so much!

Shan said...

Oh, this was a tear-jerker entry. So hard to say good-bye to all of the kids, too. How many days left? And those notes on the board are so great. Kids really love those. You are a great mom! We miss and love you too. Big hugs to all of you guys.

Briana said...

Those pictures of Ethan had me going, too. How sweet that is to see, though, you know he really cares! Hang in there! Call me, if you want.

Cara said...

Oh man I so cried when I read this post! I cry about everything lately! Haha, it those darn old pregnancy hormones! Hope he cos home sooner than you ever expected and you get to enjoy every minute of him being home!

Anonymous said...

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