Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom, We're Bored!

Darren is on the night shift for the next few weeks which is a PAIN!! If any one's husband has to do this all the time I have great sympathy for you! For 1: your kids never see their dad, 2: You have to tell your kids to be quiet all day while he sleeps, 3: It just sucks! So any way, this morning the kids were less than thrilled to spend their Saturday morning sitting quietly, so I bundled them up and took them to the park for a few hours. Here are some pics from that.

The boys took their toy guns to go "hunting"

Quiet mom, I'm on his trail!

This is Lily's new smile, eye's closed and squinted

Ethan and his dad LOVE to watch "Man-vs-Wild and Survivor Man" on the Discovery Channel, so you'll see Ethan here attempting to make a fire with sticks and bark. He was disappointed that he wasn't as effective as the guy on t.v.

Another Cheesy Grin

Anyone who knows Ashton knows he HATES swings. He's terrified of them. When he was a baby I couldn't get him in a baby swing to save my life. He has never liked being "moved" around. He likes to be firmly planted on the ground. (which is the opposite of Ethan. When Ethan was a baby he loved to be swinging and bouncing, the more the better and even now he loves swings.) So back to my point, this picture was ground breaking! I think it's the first ever of Ashton sitting on a swing and not crying! I was proud of him! ;)

Fishing with sticks


My 3 munchkins


Alan said...

You take some great pictures of your kids!

Our House said...

You're such a fun mom! Keep it up.

Aspen said...

I feel your pain! My husband has had a couple of jobs that required him to work nights or got to work at 2:00 in the morning. The worst part is making the kids understand that they have to be quiet!

Briana said...

Good for you guys getting out into "nature!" I love Lily's smile. Carsen has something very similar!

Kate said...

i'm so glad you guys went to the park! it's a fun park, too!
if we go some time this week {if it stays warm} do you want me to give you a call and you can come have fun with us? :)

Brewer Bunch said...

So cute!! Loved the pictures! And oh yes, I so vividly remember the internship days of all night shifts, followed by "shhh, daddy's sleeping" whispered about a bazillion times throughout the day. AUUGGG!! I hope this schedule goes by quickly for you!! I so wish we lived closer so that you could come and hang out here during the day!

Shan said...

Loved the pictures! Beautiful place for an outing. And Lily's new smile cracked me up. I was laughing. I loved Ethan building a fire. And way to go, Ashton on the swing. Great mile-stones. Glad you're still able to get out!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ethan that is a bo-lo fire he was doing. It's what the kids at the wilderness programs have to accomplish before they can eat. He's already off on a "take care of myself" mode. Ashton swings like I did. Movement made me sea sick when I was little. from grammy.