Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mamma aint happy!

Lets start off by saying: Last night has to go in the record books for one of the worst night sleeps EVER!!! And this includes any time I may have been up with a new born and I've had 3 and another on the way.
Around our town house, I'd say not even a 25 foot perimeter we have 6, yes 6 Oak trees. And what animal loves Oak trees because of the acorns? Squirrels. I've never had a beef with squirrels in my life. They are cute little frisky rodents that seem to have the metabolism of someone on crack. But again, no problem with them. They occasionally would bury their acorns in our back yard last summer, but still not a big deal. TILL NOW!!!!!!! The last month we've noticed, or rather "heard" them in our attic. You can hear them running around like crazy up there and it was starting to get annoying mainly because it would only happen at night, and of course they had to do it above Lily's room. So now my 2 year old has a phobia of squirrels because of the noise they'll make at night in her ceiling. You'll hear her yelling. "mom!!! The squirrels are here! The Squirrels are here!" I've tried to reassure her that they are just playing and they won't hurt her. Basically anything to chill her out. So we called the "rodent people or pest people" They came out yesterday and said that it's mating season and the female is probably preparing a spot in our attic to have her babies in the spring, so it's a good thing to solve the problem now before we have baby squirrels in our attic this spring. So they set up traps on our roof yesterday and said they'd come every day, set new traps and check the hole where they come in and then once they are gone from that area, they'll seal up the hole. Great! No more squirrels making noise in the attic. Well. last night. all the traps were filled with squirrels on our roof. We sleep up stairs, thus hearing what goes on on the roof. I kid you not. ALL NIGHT LONG we hear thumping, rolling, digging, crazy noises of those dang squirrels trying to get out of the cages. Lily woke up at 12:00 and basically didn't go back to sleep till 5am and the boys kept getting up too. Darren is on a crazy schedule at work and is only averaging 4 hours a sleep at night. He finally went down stairs to get any last bit of sleep he could before leaving at 4 a.m. So I was up virtually all night with the kids in and out of my room. When the squirrels would take a break and rest, we'd doze off, just to be awakened AGAIN by them going crazy in their cages. We literally got maybe 2 hours combined if that, in 15 to 20 minute segments. Before bed, I was feeling bad for the little critters, out there in a cage on the roof in the cold while it was raining. But by morning I had a death wish for all of them and I even envisioned myself bunt kicking their cages off my roof. Like I could get my 7 month pregnant self up on the roof to do it, but I would if I could. I went from liking squirrels, to down right hating the little punks. One thing you don't do, is mess with a pregnant woman's sleep and/or the sleep of her kids! You will unleash the wrath of hell if you do! There I feel better after venting, but I'm still dreading another night. If they do it again tonight, I swear I'll climb out my window and get up on the roof somehow! You watch!

Here is the hole they climb through by our rain gutter

Here's 2 of the cages right above Lily's window

Here's a little punk peeking out at me! No mercy here! not any more!

"let me out!" Sorry, you're going to squirrel heaven soon!

Tired pregnant mom signing off!


Kate said...

holy cow! i have NEVER had that problem..yet. (cross my fingers!) husband can come take care of them..he's been talking recently of taking parker squirrel hunting. this would be the perfect opportunity! i'm sure he wouldn't mind some target practice! anything to help a pregnant woman. :)

Ramanda said...

Oh man! You poor thing! Taht just isn't very cool at all. You guys are all going to be nocturnal before this is all over!

I hope your rodent problem gets taken care of quickly!

Dena said...

Squirrels are AWFUL! They can really damage your attic, wiring, and anything else they can get their little paws and teeth on. So, once they are gone, check all your stuff that is up there to make sure there is not any damage. My Dad used to go squirrel hunting and I felt so bad, but now, it should be a recommended activity. Be careful when you go out on that roof though you crazy pregnant lady, those squirrels are in for it! LOL

Shan said...

What a HORRIBLE night! I'm so sorry you all were up so much with those loud, loud squirrels. We've had to shove steel wool in roof holes so birds can't come in there and lay their eggs inside our roof. They can get noisy, too, but definitely not like those squirrels. Sometimes I'm a little afraid of squirrels. Once at a park, one seemed to be coming after little 1-year-old Brooke and me because it didn't want us near its tree or something?

The Farrell Family said...

Kelsy will tell you that Josh says "The only good squirrel is a dead squirrel!" When Josh redid our siding, squirrels chewed a hole through a corner. Josh had to replace this piece several times. Now we hunt squirrels from our bathroom window with a pellet gun! I'm sorry you are lacking sleep. Those last months are the hardest anyways!