Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls....

We put up our tree tonight. It was fun watching the "magic" in our kids eyes. It's fun to see how excited kids get this time of year. It brings back lots of fun memories and it's fun to re-create those moments with your own kids. I knew it was time to wrap it up when Ashton started throwing the decorations into the tree cause he grew impatient trying to hang them! This is by far our smallest tree ever, but hey, it makes for easier decorating! The kids didn't seem to notice! ;)
Lily Decorating
Ashton Decorating
Ethan Decorating
Fuzzy, but cool pic
Our grand finale
The tree skirt I made and there has to be at least a cup of
my blood in that tree skirt from all the needle pricks! :)
J/K, that would be a lot of blood, but my fingers did suffer.


Dena said...

Absolutely gorgeous tree skirt, tree, and cute kids to decorate! Can I borrow them to decorate mine?

Stephanie said...

So FUN! I love putting up the tree and getting excited for the Christmas season. Beautiful tree. Oh and that tree skirt is amazing. You are so talented!!!!

Eric and Aubrey said...

Awesome tree skirt! Every year I say I'm going to make one... I love Ashton throwing the ornaments at the tree!

Slaugh Family said...

I love that tree skirt, so was it one of those felt kits? I need a new one, but I'm not that crafty. I think your awesome. I hope all is well with you and the family.